Natural-Organic-Health.net has been created to bring together information about the many ways in which we can promote our health and that of the environment in which we live through natural, organic products, services, food, medicines and activities.

While we may explore controversial issues relating to this area, our aim is simply to promote a lifestyle that focuses on the use of naturally produced food and drink, and activities that do not damage, and even enhance, the natural environment.

  • We promote the consumption of naturally grown food, ideally proven to be organic, and not food that has been genetically modified or sprayed with chemical fertiliser or insecticide.
  • We promote understanding of the health benefits of herbal remedies, food and drink so that they can be used for both medicinal purposes and as part of a healthy diet.
  • We promote the use of renewable energy, seeing it as contributing to a healthier environment and hence more opportunity for us to lead healthier lives.
  • We promote activities such as yoga, tai-chi, qi-gong, meditation, intermittent fasting to help improve health, both mental and physical, rather than through the use of  painkillers and anti-depressants.
  • We promote treatments such as reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, homeopathy and other alternative health provision that does not use chemical medication.
  • We promote organic products and the producers and retailers of such products whether this be clothing, cosmetic, fragrances, natural medicinal products and others.

We recognise that we may sometimes fall short in our aims and we would encourage you to contact us to highlight where this has happened.

We also hope you will share the information on this site if you feel it would be of interest to others, so that the awareness of natural, organic opportunities for healthy living is developed as widely as possible.

Yes, we do also hope to use this website as a commercial opportunity and hope you see this as a reasonable aim aligned with a purpose of promoting a healthier lifestyle, one which seeks to work in co-operation with the planet and its nature, of which we are a part, rather than in opposition to it as if it is something we need to ‘conquer’.

Please enjoy our website and come back and visit us often!

 Alan Sharland


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