How Can Coconut Oil Help You Lose Weight?


Coconut oil has gained in popularity during the last few years as being a healthier alternative to traditionally used oils in various different areas. But did you know there is research to show that coconut oil may be able to help you  lose weight?

The research says that 101 people ‘were randomly allocated to ingest 25–30 g/day MLCT or LCT oil as the only cooking oil for 8 consecutive weeks’.

Coconut oil is an MLCT oil, that is a Medium and Long Chain Triacylglycerol (often called Triglyceride) oil.  LCT oil is made up of only ‘Long Chain Triacylglycerol’

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After 8 weeks they compared people who used LCT oils as their cooking oil, and those who used MLCT oils and found the following:

As compared to subjects with BMI 24–28 kg/m2 in the LCT group, corresponding subjects in the MLCT group showed significantly greater decrease in body weight, BMI, body fat, ……total fat area and subcutaneous fat area in the abdomen,..

Other research has shown similar findings. See this link

Coconut oil is one of nature’s richest sources of MCTs. A 2003 study showed increased calorie burn in 24 healthy, overweight men who consumed food rich in MCTs compared with those who consumed LCTs (in this case, olive oil). In the study, published in the journal Obesity, the MCT group also decreased their upper body adipose tissue — the fat that’s mostly found under the skin and around the internal organs.

These results arise because of the way the body metabolises MCTs. While some saturated fats are metabolised in muscles or fat, the majority of MCTs go into the liver, where they are burned off by the body. MCTs cause an increase in metabolism resulting in more calorie burn and so less accumulation of fat.

So basically if you swap your normal long chain fats that you use in cooking (such as olive oil or butter) and replace them with coconut oil, this is likely to lead to weight-loss and less accumulation of fat in different parts of  your body.

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Here’s a great video about the many uses and benefits of using coconut oil in your diet.




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