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Natural Organic Health Guest Blog invitation

Hi there

You are cordially, but conditionally, invited to write a post for Natural Organic Health!

We are looking for contributors who are passionate about something that fits with the ethos of Natural Organic Health.

So for example you may be:

  • A Naturopath who wants to explain the benefits of different naturopathic treatments.
  • A nutritionist who encourages the use of organic produce and wants to write about a topic within that field close to your heart.
  • An alternative health practitioner such as a reflexologist, acupuncturist, homeopath etc.  who has a particular topic to share (e.g. ‘How reflexology helps with headaches’ or similar) or perhaps you may want to write a ‘general’ piece about your area of practice.
  • A yoga, tai-chi, qigong practitioner or teacher who wants to talk about the health benefits of your area of practice.
  • An organic gardener who wants to promote the healthy use of our environment to sustain ourselves with good food and herbs.
  • You work for an organisation that promotes organic farming, produce etc. or naturopathic approaches to health in some way. (For example ….the XYZ Acupuncture Institute) and you want to promote what you do.
  • An environmentally friendly clothing or item maker
  • Someone who knows a lot of healthy recipes for smoothies
  • You run an organic farmers market….tell us how it’s gone, how to do it, why you do it
  • A herbalist, a shaman, a reiki practitioner, a wiccan…….you get the picture.

Some caveats and conditions however: 

We want the posts to be about the topic, not so much about you. Of course a biography is important and you can obviously include relevant links to your own website and social media presence, and even your ebooks or other publications that are directly relevant to the post topic,  but we want the article to be, for example about ‘How homeopathy helps with asthma’ not ‘Why the Fred Smith School of Homeopathy is the best and how Fred Smith is the best homeopath in the world’. Focus on the useful and interesting facts about your topic for readers, not how you were top in class at Harvard and know the Queen etc.

You will have seen the preferred format for the site. We want useful information and where you quote research to back up a claim we’d like you to link to the actual research, not another blog that has quoted it without reference either. It doesn’t have to be all researched and proven however, you may just want to write an opinion piece about your area of passion and share your own experiences. For example ‘Why I love intermittent fasting and how I believe it has improved my health’. We’re not really looking for articles about supplements that come in a box. Tinctures yes, particularly if you can also show how they can be made at home.

If possible we’d like more than just text. If you have your own video on youtube or vimeo etc. you are welcome to include that or if you want to recommend one that fits with what you are writing that’s also good. Podcasts are also cool.

With regard to images, we want clear identification of the source and so ‘I found it on google’ isn’t going to be enough. If you have created your own images, great. If you have found them on a free photo site then please give us the source. We will need you to confirm your right to use any images in the article. But if you’d prefer, we can find the images – of course we will consult with you before using them to ensure they convey the ‘spirit’ of your article.

Sorry, we won’t be paying for any articles, but you can publicise your own work and website and products within the post.

 Guest blog post invitation - Natural Organic Health

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please contact us with a 150-250 word summary of what you want to write, ideally with a layout or sequence for what you will say. We want all articles to be at least 450 words but no more than 900 (if you really want to write more please contact us to discuss).

We have the final say on whether it fits our ethos or not however so we can’t promise to accept your proposal. We may have suggestions for how it could be changed so it does fit our ethos, but if they don’t work for you then that will mean we can’t continue.

We would love to hear from you if you also want to promote the possibilities for living a life more aligned with nature than against it, supportive of organic produce and lifestyle, and promoting of health, as far as possible without defaulting to the use of chemical medication where viable and effective natural alternatives exist.

I hope you understand the need to lay out all of the above in detail. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time and we want useful, interesting information, presented by people who are passionate about their area of practice or hobby or interest in natural, organic health.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute.




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